Welcome to the Woodstock Page !


What is Woodstock ?

Woodstock is a city in the Brettspielwelt ("Board game world"). BSW (abbreviated simply as BSW)
In the BSW lovers of board games from all over the world meet to play together. Over time little families of people find each other, who like to play often together and so end up forming a common city.

How does Woodstock look like ?

Here you will find a graphic representation of Woodstock (unfortunately not current). (To display this you will need activated Java)

What is special about Woodstock ?

As the name implies, we are all people who come together in the spirit of Woodstock. You can find more information about the original Woodstock festival here: http://www.woodstock69.com

Another way to put it is, we are a group of loveable chaotic persons :)

Who are the Woodies ?

You can find the Woodies, the citizens of Woodstock, by using the link on the left!

How can I find Woodstock in the BSW ?

After you logged yourself into the BSW, you can either use the menu and the worldmap or enter /room C40 to go to Woodstock.